Wall Decal Business: Where to Buy Supplies

Shop online for decal suppliesHello friends. I’m happy to create this post mostly because it is a response to one of my Youtube viewer’s questions about “where to purchase wall vinyl supplies and what brand?”. So, I was happy to answer that question and more.

Although I do provide reference to the suppliers I purchase from, must say that this is only a reference and you could do this to compare it with your research on the buying of wall vinyl decal supplies for your business or potential business.

When I was in the research stage of deciding what market to pursue within the vinyl decal business and which consumer to cater to, I was also studying the sales and earnings of Etsy stores within the same markets. Now, one little hidden cost that you may not put into account is the cost of Etsy listings. If you are tracking a store’s sales history and trying to project the cost of vinyl and the potential earnings per sale, you must also track every time the store lists or re-lists an item. Of course, tracking a store’s history is easy on Etsy and I don’t know of any other online store venue that is easy to track.

Now, I don’t want to turn this article only about how to determine potential sales online without regard to the potential of selling direct face-to-face. The only reason I cannot go into depth about this topic is because I decided I only wanted to sell online only and deal with my business and my responsibilities to it during my own personal time. I could expand, but I don’t want to. I’m happy where it is right now because I like working on several projects at a time – This blog being one of them. But, the freedom that it gives me to earn a little extra cash on my very own time is awesome.

If I desperately needed the cash, I could find creative ways to sell to folks direct all around my area. In fact, I think if I sold direct to people then I would probably consider changing my niche in the vinyl decal business. I think there is a lot of potential to try different things out and seeing what works best.

In any case, watch this video. I think I provide pretty good advice. Enjoy!



  • Eric

    How do you price your decals

    • Hi Jerry, just saw all of your video great job,we are looking to start a wall decal biusness here in montreal canada,How do you price your decal, what is the pricing strategy you use to price your decal.thanksEric

  • Eric

    Hi Jerry, just saw all of your video great job,
    we are looking to start a wall decal business here in montreal canada,
    How do you price your decal, what is the pricing strategy you use to price your decal.


    • Jerry

      Hi Eric. What I did was look around the market place where I planned to sell, Etsy, and checked out stores that were similar to my designs and considered their prices. It really depends on your overhead and who your customers will be. Etsy is a bit competetive with my specific market. But I see stores that sell larger and more elaborate designs that do really well and therir prices are not cheap, so you know they are making good money. And they sell plenty.

      So, there are a lot of factors. I also know that there is a “vinyl decal price calculator” online which you could look up. They prices they provide are a more expensive than what I usually charge, but it serves as another reference for you.

      Here’s the link to the price calculator: http://www.thesignexpert.com/TheSignExpert.com/Sign_Business_Free_RTA_Vinyl_Price_Calculator.html

      Hope that helps and good luck!

      • i have that kind of Roland but it doesn’t work properly.. it cuts two ltteers normal and then all others below it.. do you have any idea how to fix that..? and what program do you open for print..?

        • Jerry

          Behind the rollers on the back of the Roland there is a flat area which your vinyl will tend to static cling to it at times, making things jump off course. I placed a strip of teflon, and securing with packaging tape on each side. My vinyl does not cling and everything cuts perfectly.

          What I was experiencing was my circles were not perfectly round when cut by my roland. And i noticed that my vinyl would fold a lttle just behind the rollers, making me think the vinyl was sticking to the surface behind the rollers. I called Roland and they confirmed the problem. They suggested anti-static spray or teflon. I decided I did not want to have to spray my equipment with anything, so I went with teflon… works great for the past year and a half.

          Now i get perfect cuts.

  • Bernadette

    hi again am getting closer to finaly creating wall art decals , but again more questions , your office space looks so well set up and we love your table and cutting mat /tools and would love to know about your storage ideas and setup of your work space , what works and what is not needed and how much space do you think we will need, thankns so much fro your invaluable help 🙂

  • Liz

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your time and expertise. It is very generous of you! I have done all of my research, like you did, on my own and you are a special person to try and help other people out. Wish I had found you several months ago!

    Thank you!

    • Jerry

      Very kind of you to say… thank you!

  • Eric

    Thanks Jerry for your last response
    I have 2 more questions for you, How to do ship your decal envelop or tube and where did you get your fonts and graphics for your decals

    thanks again


    • Jerry

      I ship using USPS Priority mail boxes in 2 sizes: Shoe-size mailboxes and the triangualar tubes. I ship Priority within the US only. I only purchase boxes to ship outside the US, but that is usually the exception, so i really don’t have to invest much in boxes for those international sales.

      I get most of my fonts from dafont.com . I look for fonts sets that are Free to use fr commercial purposes. I have payed for fonts in which a “donation” was requestd for the use of the font.

      As for graphics, you can actually find some graphics within a graphics-based font set from dafont.com. And I have purchased a CD from Sillhouette Society online – I can’t recal the website. But you can search for it.

      Hope this helps.. good luck!

  • Ronni Jensen

    Hi Jerry

    Do you know where it’s possible to download/buy a bundle of vector art for wall stickers?
    I need som nice decoration like one color tree’s, flowers, tribals…..

    BTW, brilliant video’s you make.

    Best regards

  • Louise

    Hi Jerry, love the website finding it very helpful. Were looking in to starting our own wall decal business here in Australia. Without sounding too dumb, I just wanted to know where you get your pictures from. Do you create your own, or purchase on line. Ive been looking into it but are worried about copyright laws etc.. Can you help? Thanks so much 🙂

    • Jerry

      Hi Louise, I get my pictures from istockphoto.com (although you can probably find cheaper) and I copy my decal designs from my Adobe Illusrator and paste them into the picture, which i open with Photoshop. I save them as a .jpg and upload them to etsy. I actually have a video in which I explain the process:


      Good luck!

  • Eric

    Hi Jerry,

    want are you using to hold your transfert tape



  • Danny

    Hi Jerry,
    Thank you for putting out such informative videos on Youtube. They are so well done!

    I have a question, if I may:
    Can you tell me what camera, and microphone system you have used to make this videos? I like the video quality and the audio quality is so good.


    • Jerry

      Hi Danny. I can’t tell you the names exactly cause I don’t have it with me, but I used a a handheld camera with a mic input. There aren’t many handhelds with mic input, so you will only have a few to choose from. I also used a wired lapel mic connected to the camera. I have tried wireless mics, but i get too much interruption due to my small space and the interruptions produced by the lighting equipment.

      The trick to getting the best picture possible is lighting. If you don’t have enough lighting, the best cameras can’t help you.

      Thanks for the question!

  • Lisa

    Jerry, How do you turn clip art into vector art?

    • Hi Lisa. Not every bitmap image is easy to turn into a vector. That’s because the software, like illustrator, has to know how to trace the bitmap image. Not all images lend themselves to that. If I get a chance I’ll put together a quick video on converting an image to vector using illustrator. Thanks for the question!

    • Hi again Lisa… I created a video on how to convert an image to vector. Same things works with clipart. As long as you find the right kind of design… mostly something that can be turned into a silhouette cutout. Hope this helps…