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And now, on with my story…

I thought I would shed some light on how I go about pricing my decals.  As of late, I have had that question come up and I think now is a good time for me to talk a little about it here.

The only reason I can now speak a little more confidently on pricing is because I spent some time asking myself the same question for the past two years.  Recently, after joining, I popped the question on the forum.

Calculating Price on Vinyl Stickers

Prior to my inquiries, the method I most used was to find a comparable item on Etsy and either match it or beat it.  I could not tell you how that item’s price was originally determined.  I really had no clue. However, on the forum I learned a quick method to estimating the price for my decals.  The forum member that offered her advice goes by the forum name of SuZie.  Here are three price estimating suggestions that she offered.  The numbers are based on a decal that was 12″ x 12″ in size:

Quickie Estimating Tricks: 1. Sq.inches x 10 cents   =  $14.40 2. Add width & height and divide by 2  =  $12 3. $1 per running inch of 24″ vinyl  =  $12 Don’t feel guilty charging for your time and expertise….you shouldn’t be working for free.  In the end, if YOU are happy with what profit you made and your customer is happy with the price…..that’s what counts.

Actually, SuZie added that last part because I was rather weak in my negotiations.  I don’t mind… You can read the whole post here. The quickie estimating trick which I decided to adopt was number #2.  Add width + height and divide by 2 .  I call this the “W+H/2 Pricing Method” for short.

(By the way, this is only for the price of the decal.  There is no installation involved here and everything I sell is online, not locally or face-to-face.  That’s a whole other chapter.  I also work from home so I save a lot overhead – Keep all this in mind as you read on.)

So (W+H/2) is the one that I am using to calculate my new items on my Etsy Shop.

For example, I posted this one just recently using the W+H/2 Pricing Method:

In the example above, the size of the decal is 22″ wide x 18.5″ tall.  That is a total of 40.5″.  Divide that by 2 and you get $20.25.  I rounded down to $20 and that’s how I got my price for this one.  I could have rounded up, but I was feeling generous. I may decide to add a dollar or two more if I feel there is a little more weeding involved than usual for me.

This listing, for example:

That listing above should have been a simple calculation of 12″ + 12″ = 24″ / 2 = $12.00 But I decided to add a couple of more dollars because I am working with some fine lettering in this design.  I could go blind during the weeding process, so $2 bucks will cover it!

However, it was suggested that if you sell larger decals, you can provide a discount for purchasing in larger volume.  Again, this is all going to depend on detail and complexity of weeding and preparing your decal.

I realize that method 1. Sq.inches x 10 cents keeps the price equal for each square inch sold in the design.  But, for my shop, I think about if I would sell one of my 22″ x 22″ designs, which I should now price for $22.00 using method #2: w+h/2.

But with method 1, I would have to sell for $48.40.  As much as I would love to make lots of money off my customers, I am not ready to sell at that price.  I think since a) my designs are generally not so complicated; and b)  I am not involved in the installation of the decal, the price calculated with method 2 seems fair for my items, thus far.

And as for method #3: $1 per running inch of 24″ vinyl, the price for one of my 22″ x 22″ designs would be $22.00 .

That could work for me as well… I use 24 inch vinyl rolls and if I could sell every inch across for $1.00, this also sounds like a reasonable price to charge, and a mighty fair profit.

To read the complete discussion where the above calculations were shared, click here:

I actually initiated the discussion and it led to the discussion on pricing vinyl decals… very informative.  Read it when you get a chance.

Now when I have new items to list on Etsy or a customer asks for a custom order, I really do not stress about it any more.  I just do the quick math and give it to them with a confident smile 🙂

Just in case you decide to do some spying on my Etsy Shop, I have not gone back to re-price my old items on Etsy yet.  So, if you go to my shop to see how well I am sticking to this vinyl decal price estimation method, you will mostly see it on my newer items.

For more on pricing your vinyl, click here: How Much Money Can I Make On a Roll of Vinyl? Thanks for reading!!

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  • desiree

    Would you mind sharing how you are shipping and packaging your decals? Specifically your larger ones. Additionally, are you figuring. Packaging and shipping into your decals price or on top of it?
    Thank you for your informative website and videos, they are wonderful!

  • Brittany

    You said “By the way, this is only for the price of the decal. There is no installation involved here. That’s a whole other chapter.” Do you have this chapter complete? 🙂 I’m having a hard time coming up with a fair and reasonable hourly rate. I am a small business owner that works from home. There is basically no overhead since this is on the side.

    Thank you so much for all your help!

  • Miguel

    How do you charge for decal installation? By size? By type (coroplast on wall, vinyl on glass). I’d really like to be as fair as possible on this too. I’m starting this business and I would love to have long term relations with my new customers. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Nolan

    Asking if you charge 12×12 is $12.00 if it is two colors do you double it?

    • Jerry

      Nolan. I wouldn’t double it, but I may charge a couple of bucks more.

  • Michael

    = And as for method #3: $1 per running inch of 24″ vinyl,
    = the price for one of my 22″ x 22″ designs would be $48.00

    At $1 per linear inch of 24″ vinyl, wouldn’t a 22″ x 22″ decal be $22? Similarly, a 22″ x 30″ design would be $30 ~ a 22″ x 36″ decal would be $36 ~ or a 22″ x 42″ decal would be $42. What am I missing here? I think I prefer that formula, as it correlates precisely to material cost.

  • Stickit Decal

    Wow it seems no matter if I google or youtube there you are… I just wanted you to know THANK YOU I learned a lot just in one hour from you… I am revamping and re-opening my store and you helped a lot… look forward to more 🙂 Jullie

  • Matthew

    Hi I would like to know how much would be a fair price to charge for installing a vinyl wall decal per square foot?

    Okay so I have a opportunity to land a job going to Nashville for 2 days on a install that is 5 Wall Murals ranging from 8ft x 7ft and 8ft x 13ft and installing 9 laminated pictures in the pop out frames.
    This is the first contract I’ve landed and I’m not sure on how to price the job like how much I should charge per square foot for the wall wraps. and how I should I price installing the 9 Pictures.
    I’m not sure on the exact dimension’s of all the 9 pictures or the 5 Wall Murals that range from 8ftx7ft-8ftx13ft. Just by seeing this what would you rough estimate this job? Also how should I go about getting perdiem? I’m driving from Memphis TN to Nashville TN and will have to stay 2 nights.
    They said It’s a one man job

    • Jerry

      Hi Matthew. Sorry, but I have never installed wall wraps or wall decals for customers. I make them and I send them off with my installation instructions included.

      Now, if I were in your particular predicament, I would call a company, like say Dali Decals or even Fast Signs, and tell them you are interested in having these wall wraps installed and how much would they charge to install it. Could work.

      However, I would definitely go online to a forum like and ask this same question on the forum. Their are many folks on their that would be willing to offer you a few hints.

  • Michel

    Hi; all this is undoubtedly fine for calculating your cost price; but the sale price is another issue, dealing with “competiton”; in short your stategy for prices must place you at the right place inside your market, given your products/quality/service/etc… performances.
    If lower than market you will have to survive and if higher, then you will be creating “room” for insiders.

  • Donna Foster

    I love this, thank you so much, it will help out on a job site. What about printed vinyl? This is just for cut vinyl, correct?

  • Here’s where I am at with price, more or less:

    All depends on the day and the amount of work I have.

  • Becky

    They said method #3 is by a $1 per “Running” inch which means ($1 for a 24″ x 1″) piece of vinyl. So a 22″ x 30″ design would be $30 or a 22″ x 35″ design would be $35. What you guys are referring to is Square Inches which is method #1 (Sq. In. x $0.10 = total price)

  • Leticia Canales

    very useful, thank you.

  • Roxy Loyst

    I am confused and trying hard to figure this out. I have made 2 x 2 decals and can get 15 decals on a piece of htv per sheet 8 1/2 x 11 paper. How much should I charge per sheet

    • Roxy Loyst

      Anyone answer please