Upload Image to Etsy Convo – Edit in Adobe Illustrator

Upload Photo to EtsyLet me quickly show you how I take one of my vinyl-cut ready wall decal designs and use it to send a photo sample to a potential customer via Etsy Convo.  You really just want to make things as easy as can be and provide your potential customer with a good visual sample.  For this I use Adobe Illustrator Cs2.  I always remind you that for these simple tasks, you really don’t need the latest version of Illustrator – Whatever version you have is good.

Let me explain further that what I do here in this video is show you how I open the design requested.

These designs are all Illustrator template files from my design collection.  I open these and edit the text with the name they want to see in the sample.  I then copy, create a new file (for best reults, I set it to 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels) and click OK to create the new file.  And then paste and resize the graphic to take advantage of the available space within the margins of the file.

From that new file I export it as a JPG file.  It is this jpeg file that I use to reply to an Etsy convo and attach the file to my reply.  It’s really easy.  If you can’t think it, then watch the video…


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