Spent $8 Bucks and Made $605 on Etsy Selling Wall Decals

Many of my readers have been wondering and asking if my Sunshine Decals wall decal shop is dead and buried…  The answer is “ABSOLUTELY NOT“.  The owner, meaning me, has been on intermittent hiatus from my wall decal shop due to life’s expected (or unexpected) interruptions that come about every now and then that required my full attention.

Here’s the scoop: I was the Library Media Specialist at my elementary school.  But, school libraries have suffered budget cuts in my district and I was sent back to the classroom after 16 years out of the classroom AND in the age of Common Core and State Assessments (If you have children, you know what I am talking about).  So I needed a break from Sunshine Decals and Etsy to relearn to master the craft of classroom teaching, behavior management, and grading homework.

However, for the sake of market research and personal curiosity, I did reopen my shop for a 4-month period this year to answer a simple question:  Can I still make a buck selling wall decals on Etsy?

Turning $8.20 to $605.25 on Etsy, Selling Wall Decals

After having my shop closed since September of 2015 last year, I decided to reopen my shop in late January, but in a limited fashion.  I decided I would only list those items in my shop that require no customisation, limiting the need for communication with customers.  After sifting through 300 items I have in my shop, I ended up re-listing 41 items.  At .20 cents a listing, my startup cost for this venture was $8.20.  As part of my Etsy market research, I decided I would end all sales after I let these newly-listed items run their 4-month course on Etsy until they expired.

You can see the results on the chart below.

Etsy Shop Stats 2016

As you can see, between the months of January and June, my $8.20 helped generate almost 7,000 views, 86 items favorited, 14 orders, and as a result $605.25 revenue.

Keep in mind, the total revenue only accounts for total earnings on items sold on Etsy.  It does not include shipping fees which the customer also pays.  Those shipping fees help pay for shipping plus shipping materials and will still leave about an extra $1 buck as additional revenue, which helps shave off some of the cost of paypal and etsy fees.

My exact earnings, well, I’m still too busy to try and figure that out.  But, my point being this…

Conclusion: Can I Still Make a Buck Selling Wall Decals on Etsy?

I still made money from home selling wall decals on Etsy without much marketing and without much effort.  All I did was list a select few items and viola!  I, automagically, still made sales without the need to pitch sales!  Of course, there lots I can do to help promote further sales, but my current commitment to the selling of wall decals is limited until further notice.  Maybe I will get my Library Media Specialist job back one day.  Or maybe I will have mastered the art of teaching and all that comes with it.  Until then, it will be an undevoted, intermittent Etsy Wall Decal Salesman’s life for me!!

Until my next post… happy reading!!

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  • Albert Cross

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Lori Wilson

    Thanks for all the information you’ve shared. My question is how do I post my wall decals in a professional and presentable way. How are all these other sellers showing pics of their wall decals on walls that look professionally designed/decorated (baby nursury, bedroom walls, etc.)