Roland Vinyl Cutter Setup – Select Sheet Type: Piece

Setup Your Vinyl CutterI created this video to demonstrate how to setup the Roland GX-24 cutter to cut on a “piece” of vinyl. I specifically use the word piece because it is one of the menu options on the GX24 vinyl cutter. This option is actually not required, but it does help when you have a piece that is measuring close to the size of the design you need. What the cutter does for you when you select piece is to do all the measuring for you.

I only use this function on the Roland GX-24 when the vinyl piece is too close to the needed design size to tell. But when I’m working with an obviously large enough piece of vinyl paper, I use the default Roll option on the vinyl cutter. Once you perform these functions several times to create your designs, you will realize the difference in application and when best to make use of them.

After setting up the Roland cutter, I show you how to setup the design on the CutStudio software. Because of the design I’m about to cut, I needed to setup the cutter software to landscape. I also have to go into the Cutting Setup options to get the dimensions information from the machine. Once you setup all the options, you get an actual view of the dimensions of the available vinyl cutter area for the installed vinyl paper.

The opposite is true. You also see if your installed vinyl is too small. If so, you will be able to view it on the screen as you will notice the design going outside the perimeter of your available cutting area as I will explain in the video.


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  • Dave Johnson

    Hi! Enjoyed your video on YouTube “Wall Vinyl Decal Supplies…” but it left me with more questions than answers! I’m looking to produce vinyl decals for old farm machinery; I have many years of experience in prof photography, producing primarily for print, so that’s where I’m coming from. Right off the top, terminology seems to be bogging me down; I’m a little confused with the roland cutter, for example; isn’t that a printer? And what type of inks are required for exterior vinyl signs… or any vinyl, for that matter? Could I not just dedicate an existing inkjet printer or plotter for the printing? Thanks! Dave in Gilroy, CA

    • Jerry

      Hi Dave. Let me try and answer that with these links i’m referring you to.

      The roland gx 24 is a cutter/plotter. It basically can cut designs like you seen me make. But it has no print capability. This can be resolved with an additional printer which will print your design along with registration marks. Once printed, The rolannd gx 24 will read the registration marks and cutout the printed design. Check out this video in which it is done for a heat transfer design, but it is the same idea with printable vinyl. check it out:

      Yes they do have printable vinyl. You probably want the Performance Vinyl to use for your farm machinery… much more durable and long lasting. I can’t tell you about the inks. That’s something I would try and learn about right from the vinyl sign supply store:

      If you did decide on a printer/cutter they can run you pretty expensive compared to the roland gx-24, but is probably much more efficient to use:

      It all depends on budget and need.

      Thanks for the questions. Hope this helps a bit. Let me know if I can be of further help. Good luck!!

  • Jennifer Curran

    Hi Jerry,

    This site is great! I am doing some research into buying a vinyl cutter for my new wall decal business. I know you have a Roland GX-24, but would you have any suggestions for someone just starting out that might not have the funds for the Roland?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi,

      I also want to purchase a vinyl cutter. Could you suggest what machine would be a good option using which I can create small decals as well as a full wall decal parts.