Wall Decal Shipping Box

How I Ship My Wall Decals… TODAY!

For some time now, I have been wanting to shed some light on my current method for shipping large wall decals.  I wrote about it back in February of 2013 in this article, “How To Ship Large Decals“.  But, my methods have changed with the times. Let me explain… My Decal Business: Humble Beginnings When I first started forging this […]

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MacBook Vinyl Stickers

Apple Helps Boost Vinyl Sticker Sales

I came across this Apple TV ad video on YouTube demonstrating how MacBook Air users dress-up their MacBook with vinyl stickers that express their individuality. It’s a form of “Different strokes for different folks”, but with one common denominator – They LOVE their MacBook. Check it out.. After watching this video, I decided to do […]

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Interior Decorating Wall Decal Business in the News

Meet a Successful Family-Owned Wall Decal Business

I found this news clip on YouTube featuring Trading Phrases, a small family-owned wall decal business located in Columbus, Ohio that was started back in 2008 right from their home.   Today they have seen their wall decal business grow and are enjoying much success. Watch the clip… Very encouraging for those looking to get into the business…  

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Many of my readers ask, "How is your business doing these days".

How is My Wall Decal Business These Days?

How is my wall decal business doing these days?  I get asked that a lot from curious readers.  Probably because my last post was back in September of 2013.  I also think people are curious about how long a small online business like mine can  last before the owner/operator decides to throw in the towel all because the […]

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