New Roland GS-24 an Upgrade from GX-24, But Still…

If you are still looking for a Roland GX-24, then look no further. Roland has replaced it with the new and improved Roland GS-24. I came across this new model perusing the site while purchasing my much -needed supplies.

I normally don’t look around for vinyl cutters because a small-time, side-business-guy like me is, until this day, satisfied with my GX-24. It’s a workhorse and it has never failed me since I purchased it in 2010. But, I was curious to see the upgrades and so I watched this video that I found on the USCutter website to learn more…

Roland GS-24 from USCutter on Vimeo.

As you saw from the video, the Roland GS-24 has a nice sleek design, but more importantly, has better precision and stronger force, especially when cutting thick substrates. It also come with some advanced features for working with print/cuts.

What I also liked was the price.  USCUTTER is selling the Roland GS-24 for $1,795.00 (as of this writing).  That’s a savings from the regular price of $1,995.00.  Best of all, the stand is optional, BUT IT’S FREE!!  It also come with a 3-year trouble-free warranty.

Personally, I don’t need the added features for what I am doing now.  Maybe one day I will.  I am going to milk my Roland for as long as I need to or as long as I can.  But, if I had to purchase today, I would take this deal in a heartbeat.

Looking for a good deal on this vinyl cutter? Click here: Roland GS-24

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