Monthly Earnings Report – October to December, 2012

Income Report - 4th Q, 2012Here it is. My final income report for 2012 – The 4th Quarter Report.

As you will see, not much changed since last quarter.  I actually made a little less than the previous quarter.  And I do not say that with discouragemenet.  The fact that my small online business is making me a little income with not much effort on my part is really nice and I am still alive and loving it!  So, here it is in a nutshell…

Monthly Earnings Report – Q4, 2012

• Number of views: 1,674
• Number of orders: 15
• Gross Profits: $ 328.00
• Etsy fees: $ 59.16
• Paypal fees: $ 13.18
• Net Profit: $ 255.66

• Number of views: 1,714
• Number of orders: 25
• Gross Profits: $ 568.00
• Etsy fees: $ 72.88
• Paypal fees: $ 9.29
• Net Profit: $ 485.83

• Number of views: 1,544
• Number of orders: 24
• Gross Profits: $ 454.00
• Etsy fees: $ 79.29
• Paypal fees: $ 6.40
• Net Profit: $ 368.31

Total Earnings for the 4th Quarter, 2012:  $ 1,109.80 (for an average of $369.93/month earnings this quarter)

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Final Thoughts on My Shop, 2012

Okay, so I never got to see the $500/month earnings average that I was hoping to start making sometime this year.  Am I discouraged?  Absolutely not!  And I hope I do not discourage YOU!

After all, I am not making a killing here.  However, I am earning a little extra income.  And the truth is I really do not spend a whole lot of time on marketing. Only when I have a little down time from my full-time job and other responsibilities do I even remind myslef to relist a few items on Etsy just for luck.  When I do receive an order, it only takes me a little while to make the decals and prepare them for shipping.  It really is “casual income” for me.

And I know I have mentioned this before, but if I wanted to stretch myself more, I could market to a wider audience online.  Or I can begin marketing locally to the same market or expand to target other markets like decals for autos and for businesses in my area.  I can even offer installation services as well.  There are many markets of opportunity in the sign business, just gotta decide what makes you tic.

But, I am good where I am at and I am happy to explore this little online decal business of mine to see where and how far I can take it.  So long as I can do it right from the convenience of my home.  And that’s one of my limitations in this business, but out of choice.

Any how, let’s see how my Sunshine Decals Shop on Etsy fairs in 2013.  Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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