Monthly Earnings Report – July to September, 2012

MoneyWell, that last quarter felt like a punch to the stomach.  Luckily this 3rd quarter was not as bad.  But still not meeting nor exceeding my personal monthly minimum goal… $500.  I give you further details in the video I made for this post below.

I tried doing a couple of things to make this a better quarterly report.  I began to re-list more items on Etsy… about $80.00 worth for August and September.  I think that helped with sales.  At least I think more people saw me because I listed more often these past three months, placing my items at the top of the list for more eyes to see.

Granted, I did not increase it to last summer’s spending levels of over $500 in etsy fees due to the amount of listings and increased sales.  Maybe I could have but I did not want to crank out $500 in decals to net $600 to $1000 in sales.  It takes a lot out of me to make that many decals, not to mention time.  But I’ll leave that for another discussion.

Actually, I was just counting on my sales to naturally increase in time on the basis of sales and feedback history, which I felt was helping to drive up consumer confidence in my my shop.  I thought I was on my way to being an established little shop on Etsy… Not quite.  Not yet.

Here’s the scoop for this quarter…

July did not see the gains because  I did not start right away with trigger-listing.  I had to get used to scheduling myself and staying consistent.  So, I eventually got it going about late July.

Here are the stats:

• Number of views: 1,965
• Number of orders: 21
• Gross Profits: $ 440.00
• Etsy fees: $ 28.04
• Paypal fees: $ 24.22
• Net Profit: $ 387.74

August saw better days.  I was able to increase my sales by 12 more this month.  You may also notice Etsy and paypal fees, combined, increased by $70.  In short, due to my listing more often and much more consistently, my net profits increased by just over $200 dollars –  At least in theory.  Just like any good experiment, it has to be tested over again and over time.  Check out August…

Number of views: 1,960
• Number of orders: 33
• Gross Profits: $ 717.00
• Etsy fees: $ 84.10
• Paypal fees: $ 38.39
• Net Profit: $ 594.51

Here is where my theory starts to break apart…  September sucked. I did spend over $80 in Etsy fees, after all.  But, by this time my summer was over and I had to get back to school – I’m a school teacher.

My etsy fees were due to the fact that I tried “Search Ads” on Etsy.  I spent about $40 dollars  plus another $40 on sporadic re-listing.  So, this may be the reason Sunshine Decals suffered – a lack of consistency with listing.  The numbers are beginning to show.  I made about $268 less this month than last month…

Number of views: 2,044
• Number of orders: 16
• Gross Profits: $ 430.00
• Etsy fees: $ 82.34
• Paypal fees: $ 20.83
• Net Profit: $ 326.83

Overall, I made a net total of $1,309.08 A little closer to $500/month than last quarter. I averaged $436.36 for each month this quarter.

Does this spell a slow, painful downturn for my Sunshine Decals Etsy shop?

Not so.  At least that is what I think.  You see, I am focusing on the idea of driving traffic to my Esty shop by folks who are searching outside of Etsy.  I am slowly leveraging this by drawing attention to my Etsy shop via Youtube, this site ( and Google to name my largest traffic sources outside of Etsy.

As each of my channels become more popular, the more I can depend less on having to list items to draw attention to my shop and my items.  As long as I can create a buzz, I think I can make more money without having to spend so much on etsy listing fees.

I see this very thing happening with Etsy shops that I am currently spying on.  They don’t list unless the item is sold or expired, for the most part.  And it seems to be working just fine for them based on my estimation and calculations.  They are making sales – the kind of sales I haven’t seen yet in my shop. Yet, they don’t do trigger-listing on a scheduled basis.  They seeem to have something going on.  And I think it is called “outside traffic sources”.

Stay tuned.  And enjoy the supplemental video below.

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  • Jarrod Miles

    Hi Jerry,

    This blog is terrific. Thanks for taking the time to share your learnings and experiences.
    I’m interested in knowing about some of your initial and now ongoing expenses. For example would yoube willing to share costs of the vinyl rolls, cutting board, cutter, masking tape etc.

    Can i also ask what brands of vinyl, masking tape etc you use and why? I’m very knew to the decal world?

    Again thanks for the blog and insightful videos.

    • I just wanted to say thank you for srhaing your time and expertise. It is very generous of you! I have done all of my research, like you did, on my own and you are a special person to try and help other people out. Wish I had found you several months ago!Thank you!