Monthly Earnings Report – Jan to March 2012

Earnings reportHere it is! This is my first monthly earnings report for my Sunshine Decals store on Etsy. I want to be able to share these monthly reports with you so you can see what my earnings look like every month. The purpose is so you can see the potential for earnings on a part-time business like the one I’m running.

Keep in mind that I am not looking to expand this decal business or leave my career job for this business. My goal is to have a small, part-time business which I can run from home and on my own time. That’s it and that’s all!

Unfortunately, my intention is not to show you how to make a million dollars on a business like this. How much time, effort, and expected income is really up to you. As for me, I’m good with what I have going now. But, I still feel I have a lot to share for those who feel this is something you would like to get into for fun and profits.

And the potential is all there. I could try making more money by selling directly to the public, or by expanding and selling decals for cars or window decals for businesses. Heck, I can charge for installation too. But I choose not to. I like my private time to work when I feel and the rest of the time is for me and my family.

At this point, due to my shop beginning to have a look and feel of an established business on Etsy, I get the sense that it is on automatic pilot in terms of making sales. What I mean by a look and feel is the fact that I currently have just over 600 sales, since I opened shop a year and a half ago, and I also have a feedback of 137 at 100%. This really does help in making folks feel comfortable purchasing from my online store.

When I first started on Etsy I was trying different things to see what worked and what would encourage customers make the choice to buy from my shop. I tried lowering prices to see if they would bite. I tried raising the prices to see if that would make them think they were buying the highest of quality (which they are). I tried listing items daily in the hopes of someone seeing my listing at the top of the search results.

Eventually, I knew it would come down to numbers. And those numbers are my stats that show on my page (number of sales, feedback, etc.). I think because people like my items and now feel more comfortable purchasing from me is the reason for my automatic sales which I do little to promote nowadays. This is probably the right time for me to implement a marketing plan, but I’m happy with my current results.

So, here it is. First, I am going to list my sales for January and February and then give you full details on the month of March.
Here’s what the two first months looked like…

• Number of views: 2,369
• Number of sales: 28
• Gross Profits: $ 719.00
• Etsy fees: $ 38.40
(3.5% of sales; and I pay 20 cents for each item I list or relist on Etsy)
• Paypal fees: $ 33.40
(2.8% + 30 cents per transaction)
• Net Profit: $ 647.20

See chart below:
Note: Here’s what it looks like in my Etsy stats visible only to me, the owner.  The chart does not show my etsy fees nor my paypal fees.  You get that info elswhere.  But you get an idea of the tools you get as a shop owner.  Makes it easy to see how your shop is doing, traffic-wise and everything.  Check it out…


• Number of views: 2,421
• Number of sales: 27
• Gross Profits: $ 540.00
• Etsy fees: $ 34.11
(3.5% of sales; and I pay 20 cents for each item I list or relist on Etsy)
• Paypal fees: $ 28.26
(2.8% + 30 cents per transaction)
• Net Profit: $ 477.63

See chart below:


• Number of views: 2,006
• Number of sales: 30
• Gross Profits: $ 548.00
• Etsy fees: $ 40.18
(3.5% of sales; and I pay 20 cents for each item I list or relist on Etsy)
• Paypal fees: $ 30.81
(2.8% + 30 cents per transaction)
• Supplies: $230. 04
(This month I had supplies I needed to purchase, more specifically 6 rolls of vinyl, two different size masking tapes and a few squeegees)
• Net Profit: $ 246.97

See chart below:


Okay, so I didn’t make a killing on this last month. So what? I still made a profit. I didn’t even need to step out for the supplies I had to purchase. I purchased everything online from USCutter. Right now, they are my preferred store. They charge me a flat fee of $9.00 for shipping and they get the supplies out for me fast!

Besides, I don’t concern myself in the performance of one month. Sometimes you do better and sometimes you do great. To some of you, these figures look dismal. But, if you are looking for a get-rich-quick solution, you are on the wrong channel. However, if you don’t mind a little work and diligence, then you could very possibly make something good for yourself.  The results are really up to you.  Just research your markets… many to choose from.

I am happy with my progress considering how much time I actually spend working in my decal shop. I really do not bother looking to sell locally.  I could.  however, it’s just not in my plan for the time-being. For now I will be content if my average month netted me at least $500.00. For this first quarter of the year, I actually averaged $457.00 a month, which is close enough, for now.  I am sure the rest of the year will meet or even exceed my expectations.  Let’s see.

For now I think it is a nice comfortable amount of earning for me to continue working happily at it while I balance my profession along with my family’s business, my blogs, my hobbies, and my most precious family life.

But YOU can absolutely make it a part of your plans to make lots of money by designing and making these decals or others, regardless of which area of sign-making you are looking to get into. The fact is you can go into so many directions; it can get overwhelming because there is so many areas you can branch out to in the world of sign-making.

It’s all out there. Just keep on researching and keep on coming back to this website. I still have so much I intend to share with you.

In any case, this is my first time reporting my expenses. Hope this helps you make a more informed decision in your search for an online business or whatever you are looking to do. Next month I plan to stay current in reporting my earnings, show you how I did for the month of April, and hopefully share some new insight that came my way.

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so in the comment box below. Take care!


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  • Emma

    I have a question, I would also like to start a decal business..but I dont know how where the best place to buy vinyl, squeeges and mailing tubes and the sizes I should buy…If you can give me an idea as to where I can purchase these items,

    Thanks for your help,

    • Jerry

      Hi Emma. The company I like to purchase my vinyl supplies from is us

      As for shipping tubes, I currently use usps priority mail triangular tubes. I get those for free and use them to ship via priority mail.

      Thanks for the question!

  • Hi, I left a message on the resource page, wrong spot I know. My question ultimately was asking how much to charge for vinyl cutting and possibly installation.