Monthly Earnings Report – April to June, 2012

Quarterly ReportHere is my monthly earnings report for the second quarter of this year, 2012.  I put together a video featured below that explains with aother details.

I have to tell you, since my first income report, I saw my earnings dwindled to near half of my personal goal of no less than $500.00 per month.  I had noticed when I was writing that first quarter report that my “no less than $500” goal was not being met, even though previous months had not let me down.  By the time I finished that report, I wondered if my earnings potential was beginning to turn south.  Well, this second quarter report will show just that.

I should also tell you that the video does not include Paypal fees, which i forgot to mention.  But, it’s all there in black and white.  Read, learn, and enjoy.

From the previous report I noticed further dipping in earnings for April…

• Number of views: 1,915
• Number of orders: 23
• Gross Profits: $ 412.00
• Etsy fees: $ 43.35
• Paypal fees: $ 21.02
• Net Profit: $ 347.63

In May my earnings were in a downward spiral.  I finally decided to put some thought into it and figure out what i can do.

I considered the fact that I had a great summer of sales in 2011 that lasted for a long time and later kept me at above $500 net profits every month until January of this year, 2012, when my sales began to lag.

The difference between last summer of 2011 and this past summer of 2012 (It’s October now) is that I consistently spent over $500 in Etsy fees due to the fact that I was ACTIVELY listing my items on Etsy.  What this did was to bring the new item listed to the top of search results within Etsy, making my items visible on the first page these search results. What this also did was bring my cost up to above $500/month in etsy fees.

On the upside, I was selling between $1100 and $1400 a month.  It was great for profits; it was great for bringing up my number of sales on my Etsy store for folks to see and feel confident about; my number of feedback started to add up; Google began to take notice of my Etsy shop and send me increasingly more potential customers; and things just started to take off on its own.

To make a long story short, things started to run by themselves and I decided to ease off listing so many items each month.  Eventually, I decided to stop listing unless an item was sold or expired.  Other than that, I did not list.  And for a long time I was making over $500/month without having to sell so much just to cover my Etsy shop bill.  But like I said, it had many good benefits for a beginner like me who needed to build a little status within Etsy.

Having said all that, here’s May and June…

Number of views: 1,635
Number of orders: 16
Gross Profits: $ 297.00
Etsy fees: $ 19.06
Paypal fees: $ 16.87
Net Profit: $ 261.07

Number of views: 1,531
Number of orders: 18
Gross Profits: $ 338.00
Etsy fees: $ 19.06
Paypal fees: $ 18.81
Net Profit: $ 300.13

In June I had to finally make another purchase of supplies for a few items that I needed to stock up on.

Supplies: $152.58

Second Quarter, 2012 Grand Total: $756.25

If my monthly goal is above $500, I only got halfway there in this second quarter.  No need to fret.  I eventually increased my number of listings, which appears to have helped.  Not necessarily to the tune of $500 to pay Etsy, but more like under $100 per month on etsy fees.

In the next report you will see how my Etsy shop begins to show signs of life again.

Here’s the video.  Again, I forget to include Paypal fees when I discuss it, so the final tally is a bit off.  However,  I do talk about how this website, is helping me to drive traffic to my Etsy shop.  I will show you in this video and in the next video (3rd quarter earnings) how the number of visitors from this site to my Etsy shop has increased –  That’s just a little tidbit I wanted to include because I feel very happy and excited about it.  Hope you enjoy…

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