Merge or Weld Text with Adobe Illustrator and CutStudio

Merge Overlapping TextHey folks. I decided to write this post to redeem myself from a previous post on the topic of welding or merging overlapping fonts.  That misguided post is still available.  It’s called  Design a Decal: Solve Overlapping Text / Cutter Issues.

That post is dead and gone now.  The problem was that I really didn’t know any other method of quickly producing a good quality “welded” overlapping font,  like a script font.  By welding or merging your words  your design is cut as one piece.  If the text is not welded, the cutter will follow instructions and make cuts anywhere the text overlaps.  That is why you need to weld or merge your text.

What I show you in this video is how you can take Adobe Illustrator and CutStudio to easily and quickly produce a welded text design.  However, if you do not have Illustrator, you can still produce a welded design using only Roland CutStudio.

It’s really easy… trust me, please.  Here ’tis…


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  • Mayra

    Hi Jerry,
    Can I weld words and letters together only using adobe illustrator?