INCOME REPORT 2014 – How Much Money Did I Make Selling Wall Decals on Etsy?

2014-earningsBelow I am going to share my income and expenses for my Etsy shop, including my Etsy Stats for the 2014 year.

However, this is a tricky subject for me. Not because I mind sharing how much or how little money I made on my Sunshine Decals Etsy Shop.  But, because I do not want to turn people off by the dollar amount that I am ready to share here.

So, before I do share and turn you off to the whole vinyl sign business, give me a moment to explain why my income may not live up to your expectations, but I STILL FIND FASCINATING the fact that I continue to make money on my spare time.

Therefore, allow me to re-tell a bit about myself and then explain my point…

My Current Life in a Nutshell:

  • I am a Full-Time Library Media Specialist for a public elementary school;
  • Since my dad’s passing 10 years ago, I am solely responsible for managing the family business of 35 years –  weekdays from home and on site on weekends!
  • I take extra care of my mom and visit her at her house every weekend;
  • I lift weights with my wife 4 to 5 days a week and we have been doing so for the past 4 years (A life-time hobby for me);
  • I have been working on my own e-commerce website… and it is coming along pretty good! (check it out:;
  • I think a lot about and work on content for this blog;
  • I am held responsible to fix anything that my wife says needs fixing or upkeep around the house;
  • And I walk the family dog every night, 7 days a week.

Oh yes, and I run my Sunshine Decals Etsy shop on the side.

As you can see, I’M BUSY!  Yet, I run a wall vinyl decal Etsy Shop from home and I make a little money on the side with no sweat!

My point is I continue to make money selling wall decals online without having to mind the store so much, sort of speak, until an order comes in.  Vinyl decals are easy to make and my time is minimally spent on this little money-making responsibility of mine.  And, by the end of the year I have accumulated a little extra spending cash!

Having put all of this into perspective on my personal situation, here is my 2014 (rough draft) Annual Report for my small-time Etsy shop.

My Wall Decal Business INCOME REPORT 2014!

The chart below is my gross total for this year on Etsy.  I still have to account for all my expenses.  But, from this chart below, you can see the number of views, 30,213, I received on my Etsy shop to help produce my sales. From that, 1,397 people favorited either my shop or my items.  This is important.  These are folks who liked something about my shop or my items that makes them want to remember my store.  I can sometimes sense when a sale is about to kick in.

income report 2014

I have a total of 180 orders for the year.  This does not necessarily mean I made 180 decals.  Keep in mind some orders may include more than one decal, at times.  But, on average, I fulfilled 15 orders a month.  Not bad.  I didn’t even have to put on my salesman’s hat or try to chase people down to make these sales.

I love the automation of my Etsy shop.  That’s why I am busy working on my own e-commerce store, looking to double my sales… Who knows?

So, my total revenue for the year was $4,642.68

Now, lets talk about expenses next…

Expenses for 2014: $ 1,542.67

This is what my expenses looked like for 2014:

  • Etsy Fees: $ 806.39
  • Paypal Fees: $ 80.91
  • Cost of Supplies: $ 655.37 (mostly goes to

Total Expenses: $ 1,542.67

Sub-Total Earnings: $3,100.01

My sub-total earnings for 2014 is $3,100.01 ($4,642.68 – $1,542.67).

I say sub-total because I have one more thing to put into account which is not part of the equation above:  I earn a little extra cash for shipping items.  Not to make this too complicated, when I charge my customers a flat rate for shipping, I make about an extra dollar (That’s after paying for a shipping label and the cost of shipping tubes).  Considering I sold 180 orders, that makes me roughly an extra $180.00 dollars for all my shipping in 2014.

Grand Total Earnings for 2014: $3, 280.01

My earnings for my Sunshine Decals Etsy Shop this year was $3,280.01.  That comes to an average of $273.00 a month of earnings for the year – Again, no sweat!

To that I say, “Not too shabby”and just enough room to grow for 2015 and beyond!!

The Point of this Article:

I share all this with you so you can see inside my Esty shop without smoke and mirrors.  Simply bare bones.  By giving you every intricate detail of the way I currently manage my wall decal shop, with what I do and don’t do, I leave it open to your imagination.  Being that my shop is still floating above water and producing income (almost on its own), you may ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What would you do if you had the time to manage my shop as is?
  • Would you come up with new designs to add to the shop?
  • Would you explore other vinyl sign markets (i.e. auto window, commercial window)?
  • If my shop was handed over to you as is, how would you promote to increase sales?
  • Would you try implementing social media like Facebook or Pinterest?
  • Does your time permit for selling locally as well as online?

What do you think?  Comment below…


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  • Joe E

    Hey Jerry, I’ve been following you for a while now, and I appreciate the youtube videos and everything else. I run a graphics shop of my own, and I have a Roland SP-300i (wide format printer/plotter), and a 30″ cold laminator, and am just getting ready to open a shot on etsy, ebay and an e-commerce site, as well as many other things. If this were your full time job, and you had a printer…with your skill set, how well do you think you could do ?. I’ve seen your shop, and I’ve seen other shops that do similar things, and they’re making 5-15k per month just on Etsy. Granted that’s a full time gig for them, but do you think that you’d be able to do that as well ?. You have some great stuff on your site, and I guess I’m wondering what differentiates your sales from some of the other sites, when you’re probably just as well known as them. Again, your designs and decals are great, and thanks a lot for the responses and replies!.

    • Hi Joe. I think my shop has a lot of potential. But, I literally did my best not to invest time or effort into my shop to see how well it would remain standing. The results are there for you to see.

      I have many ideas on how I can increase my sales on Etsy. But, I had a really busy year and so I have had to put everything on the back-burner for now.

      I think having a printer/cutter would help reach a whole other interested audience. If I had that type of equipment (and a little time), I would definitely look into making colored animal design layouts for children’s bedrooms. I think there is a big market there.

      I think Etsy shops making 5k and up, like you described, probably have a good marketing strategy in place. They are probably a more-than-one-person operation. And I am sure they have focused on putting together some really nice designs to offer.

      I think the potential is there. With a little time and effort I believe I could do much better. This year I want to try a few things to see how I can effect my sales.

      Anything I learn I will pass it on to you guys right here on this blog.

      Thanks for the comments… much success to you!!

      • Joe

        You’re the nicest guy, and thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it. Like I said, your designs and ideas are great, and you’re a huge help to everyone in this field. Is there another way I can follow you ?. Do you have Facebook or Twitter or anything ?.

        Joe –

      • Joe

        I’m just not used to anyone being helpful for anything. Even my distributors.

      • jennifer

        Hi Jerry I too have an Etsy Shop please feel free to check it out. I’m always up for criticism good or bad :). I did fairly well in 2014 but this year has completely tanked for me. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong I’m actually spending so much more time advertising and adding so many more items to my shop, but to no avail… Any ideas on where to advertise?? I’m seeing so many more shops selling like crazy on a daily basis and can’t imagine they are doing anything more then what time and money I’ve been spending to get the word out. If you prefer please email me at
        My shop is
        Thanks can’t wait to hear back from you!
        Jen 🙂

  • Nick

    You are paying Etsy over 17%, this is a problem. Great article, thanks for sharing!

    • That would be me throwing caution to the wind every so often and re-listing like 40 items at a time seeing what sticks… not a real good strategy. I actually do it in haste and it ends up costing me at the end of the month. But, I do see an increase in sales most times I have done it that way.

      If you must re-list because the number of sales you have are so few that the auto-relist feature after an item sale hardly makes a dent, then I would be more targeted, as I should have been, in terms of specific items to choose and the time of day to re-list for better sales results.

      In other words, don’t try my trigger-happy method that I use anytime I think about mass re-listing. Instead, choose items wisely and the times of day as well.

      Thanks for the comment, Nick. Much success!!

  • McMillionaire

    My husband picked up a used Roland GX24 from craigslist right before Thanksgiving for a project he wanted to create. I had no idea what it was, but have learned quickly thanks in part to your site and LOVE creating with it. I had my first craft show in December and sold $1400 (mostly custom) during the month of December. I’ve learned a lot from your site and am working on creating an etsy and eCommerce site as I continue to learn. Thanks so much!

  • Kristin

    Hi! I appreciate all of your great information. I have been having trouble finding a good transfer tape. In one of your YouTube videos, you mentioned using RTape Conform Series. Is this the “high tack” stuff I am finding on USCutter? Also, when leaving the Oracal vinyl on its backing for a while, say during the shipping process, does the backing stick to the vinyl causing difficulty removing it? This is the problem I have had with other brands of vinyl.