How To Merge Overlapping Text Outlines in Adobe Illustrator REVISITED

In a previous post, back in September of 2012, I wrote about and created a video regarding  how to Merge or Weld Text with Adobe Illustrator and CutStudio.

But, only recently I had a request by a visitor and reader to the blog who was interested in knowing how to merge or weld overlapping text using Adobe Illustrator. So, I thought I could try to answer that question in a quick video, because it really is easy to do in Illustrator. And so I did below…

The first thing I should mention is you should really first inspect your vinyl cutter software to see if there is a feature that will do just that.  If so, try it… you might find it easier and more accessible than with your graphics software.

For example, the above mentioned blog post on how to merge and weld text  is really about how my little CutStudio software, which came with my Roland GX-24 vinyl cutter AND which conveniently plugs-in to my Adobe Illustrator when installed, is really easy, quick and convenient to use.

But, if your cutter software does not come with a merge or weld feature AND you are an Adobe Illustrator user, you are in luck!

The “Merge” feature, which is part of the Pathfinders tools panel in Adobe Illustrator, is just as easy and convenient to use as the CutStudio plug-in in Illustrator.  If you never used the Pathfinders tools, you will find more useful tools inside this panel such as the one I wrote about in my last post: How To Divide a Large Vector to Fit Your Vinyl Cutter.

Here is a quick video on merging overlapping text outlines using Adobe Illustrator… enjoy!

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  • Pascale Michel

    thank you so much….

  • Ambur Rose

    I could hug you right now!!! There was this software person that was trying to sell me an app that would have cost over $70 that would do exactly what illistrater just did, only I didn’t know it till now! You’re my hero!!!!! Thanks much Jerry!!!! 🙂

  • PPP

    I am trying to find a tutorial on filling a shape with a pattern that will allow me to cut it…any suggestion? Or if you have tutorial, point me in that direction? Please and thank you.