How to Make a Wall Decal – Step 2: Load the Cutter and Send Design to Cut

Cut the Vinyl Design

This should really be Step 2: Load the Roland GX-24 Cutter and Step 2b: Send to Cut. But, I decided to combine these steps in order not to chop it up so much. I did want to point out that you could really either do Step 1 or Step 2 first – really doesn’t matter too much. I like starting with the design first in order to determine the final width and height and see if I have scraps of vinyl sitting around, in the requested color, and make use of that before jumping all over my vinyl rolls. The other reason that I like startng with the design first is that it’s just fun! I am always eager to work on a design and see what the final result will look like on the computer screen.

As I have mentioned, the vinyl cutter I am using is the

I have no complaints with this equipment at all. It has been a good investment as far as I’m concerned. If I do encounter future problems, I will be sure to mention them in future posts. But, for now, I am very happy with my Roland.

If there is anything I missed on this video, or something that was not clear to you, let me know! Send me a comment and I can either respond to your comment or even use your question in another post. Give it a shot, I would love to hear from you!

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