How to Make a Wall Decal – Step 1: Design the Decal

Design on Adobe llustratorIn this video 1 of 4 I show you how I go about designing a decal. The fact is all of my designs are already created. I made about 30 designs when I first opened my Etsy shop. I slowly added more designs as i went along. Now I have over 150 different designs for folks to choose from. That means when someone on Etsy makes a purchase on my store and gives me the name to go with the design, all I have to do is open the corresponding design template and make the requested changes.

The software I use to edit the design is Adobe Illustrator. I am in no way an Adobe Illustrator expert, nor do I pretend to be. But, you will see the basic features that I use in Illustartor to make the changes to the design. Once I make the initial changes to the design, I open the Roland CutStudio plugin right from Illustrator, which communicates with my Roland GX-24 cutter, to send the design to cut (which you’ll see in video 2).

I cover other minor details, so take a look…


Learn more about the products discussed in this video tutorial:


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  • Mostafa Mersal

    Dear Mr Jerry
    I am Eng: Mostafa from egypt and i am interested in your tutorials as i am willing to start my own decal studio in my town ,but i am still a beginner and i still new to AI and i dont know how to prepare my vector designs to the step before loading to the vinyl cutter, so i will be very glad if you gave me your hints about preparing more complicated designs by Email or video if available.

    glad to email you

    best Regards

  • Vlad Popescu

    Hello Jerry,
    I’m Vlad,and i’m from Constanta,Romania.I’ve watched your tutorials,i took a pen and a paper and wrote down all valuable information that you shared.
    I’m looking to open my own business in my country,so i’d be very grateful if you could share a little bit more.I’m looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,


    • Jerry

      Thanks Vlad! I will do my best to share everything I know. Keep in touch and let me know how things are going when you get started. Good luck!!

  • Vlad Valdez

    Hi mate, I founf this video quite intereting what program can I use to CREATE the Decals, do you have any other tutorials?

    • Jerry

      Hi Vlad. I use Adobe Illustrator to create the decals.