How to Make a Wall Decal – My 4 Step Process

Design a Wall Decal in 4 StepsI created this video to show you the process which I follow to create a custom wall decal.  I decided I would show all the steps that I take all in one shooting.  Later, I will be providing follow-up videos to discuss each of the steps in more detail.  But, for now, this is the gist of it.

You should know that the tools I use to create the decal include:

  • Adobe Illustrator – this is the software in which I create the designs I have available in my Sunshine Decals Etsy store.  It is a preferred tool of choice since I am familiar with other Adobe products such as Photoshop.
  • Roland CutStudio Plugin– This plugin works together with Adobe Illustator and is the tool that interacts with the Roland GX-24 cutter to send the design to cut.  It actually comes bundle with the Roland cutter when you buy it.  You first need to have Illustrator installed before installing the plug-in.  Once installed, you will find it under the Windows meni option in Adobe Illustrator.  CutStudio is an easy tool to use.
  • Roland GX-24 Cutter – This is the cutter that I use in my shop.  It has been good to me thus far.  It has already payed for itself several times over.  You will see how easy it is to use in the video.
  • Oracal 631 wall vinyl – I wanted a wall vinyl that resembles a painted-on look.  Oracal 631 has a matte finish and a good selection of colors.  Plus it has wall-friendly adhesive.  It is easy to install as well as remove from walls.
  • Masking Tape (a.k.a. Transfer Tape) – I prefer to work with the R-Tape Conform Series masking tape.  I have heard of other folks that sell wall decals made with Oracal 631, but have a hard time gettting the masking tape to stick well to the vinyl design or they get bubbles between the vinyl and the masking tape.
  • Tweezers, Xacto knife, Cutting Mat – not too much to say about that, but it is part of the list of tools needed to make your wall decal design.

Well that it.  It is all in the video.  I try not to bore you with details for this video, so I did a lot of fast-forwarding so that you can see it all without having to suffer through it.

Enjoy the video…


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