How to Make a Wall Decal – Step 3: Weed the Vinyl

Weed your vinyl decal

There is not too much to say with this step. I demonstrate how to weed the excess vinyl using my tool of choice and my self-taught methods. What is important is that you get a feel for working with vinyl. That means “Hands-on”. You are going to mess up, but you get better at it. I still mess up and I just remind myself, “Hey self, don’t do THAT again”. And then I move on. The great thing is that even if you do mess things up on one of your tries, it will not break the bank because the cost of materials is really not bad at all.

I really have gotten better and faster at it. I was not comfortable with weeding at first because I was just so clumsy at it. The vinyl would just stick to anythng without me looking and frustration would set in. Especially on those first few projects where I wanted everything to be so perfect. I finally decided that it would not matter how many times I had to do things over again. My Etsy customers will receive my best regardless of my cost of making the decal. I wasn’t going to make my financial success with the decal business a priority above the cost of making an excellent product for my customers. The fact is, even if I had to try several times for some of those tricky decals, at the end of the month, I still made money. But, once I put money concerns aside, it really took the pressure off me and helped me weed my decals with more ease.

Like I said, I still mess up… no big deal. Give each of your customers your best, and everything else will follow.

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