How to Make a Wall Decal – Step 4: Apply Masking Tape

Apply Masking TapeJust like weeding the decal, applying the masking tape is an easy skill to acquire, but practice makes perfect. And applying the masking tape can make or break your decal. That means if you do not get it right and you leave bubbles or creases, that might not look too good to your paying customer. Keep in mind that all my sales are online. That means my decals will be shipped and I want my customer to have a good first impression when they open their package. Unfortunately, creases and bubbles don’t give that impression. Neither do arm hairs nor eyelashes look good stuck between the masking tape and the vinyl backing.

So keep all that in mind as you watch the final step in this tutorial series.

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  • Someone paid me cash for that sh#t How awesome is that!!! and it’s still on their car 4 years later. I got paid and they’re happy dyinlasipg their kids name on a motorcycle sticker pasted on the back of their car. Awesome!

  • Toufiq

    Hello sir, I am toufiq and I live in India. I recently started of vinyl wall graphics but I can’t understand how to be a good idea to stand my wall graphics business so you please help to me a good guide for me all over about this and were to purchase materials of related about this business and how to easy and good sell of this product THANKS.

  • Mike

    It appears that it is homemade but I like the way it works and looks like it can be changed based upon the size of the decal. I would be curious on how you set that up or what you used for it.