How to Make $30 Dollars in 10 Minutes in the Vinyl Decal Business

Make $30 bucks in 10 minutesHi guys.  I thought I would post this one just for fun  and also to illustrate how quickly and easily I can make a few bucks in just a few minutes.  I will  show you in the video below.

Making vinyl decals is soft labor, but you get paid for your expertise, your specialized equipment, and the cost of materials – which is minimal like in the case of the polka dots shown in this video.

As for my real earnings, in all honesty, you have to account for expenses….

How Much Did I Really Make on My Polka Dot Vinyl Decals?

Materials Cost:

The total amount of vinyl it took to make all 140 polka dots totals to 22″ wide x 36″ tall.  That’s 1/10 of a roll of 24″ x 10 yard vinyl.   Off the top of my head, I would have to say it cost $2.40 in vinyl, and about $0.75 for masking tape. That’s $3.15 in cost of materials.

Cost of Materials: – $3.15

Service Fees: Etsy and PayPal Fees:

Then I have Etsy fees.   The current seller fees is 3.5%.  Multiply that by $30 dollars for a total of $1.05 plus $0.20 re-listing fee.  That’s $1.25 from Etsy. 
My PayPal fees on this items is $1.32 .

Total Service Fees:$2.57

Shipping Cost:

Here is where I make up for a little bit of my cost.  In this case the customer pays a flat rate shipping fee.  After I pay for the customers shipping from my end,  I end up with a positive balance of $2.00 on shipping.  And since shipping materials will cost me about $1.00,  That’s leaves about $1.00 in my pocket to help offset the my expenses.

Total Shipping Cost: I Made Back $1 dollar!

Total Earnings:

If you add the $3.15 for materials plus $2.57 for service fees, my expenses add up to $5.72 .  If you offset the dollar I made back on shipping, my total earnings for this decal is:  $25.28

Total Earnings: $25.28

Well, I guess I am really making just over $25.00 in 10 minutes for this decal, working from home… I’m okay with that for now.

Check it out…
Video: Me Making $30 Bucks in under 10 Minutes

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  • Julie Beach

    Hi Jerry. Thanks for thoroughly answering my questions. You were a whole lot of help to me last week… and ever since I started reading your site some time back. I followed everything you taught in your videos. Thanks so much!
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing my story on other blogs. I shared about my experience in the vinyl business and how your website helped me learn everything I needed. I posted on a lot of mommy blog sites and sites that I often visit on money talk and starting a small business from home and those kinds of topics. I thought I would tell about your site and how helpful it could be to interested communities.
    It’s all I can do to pay you back for all you freely given me in knowledge of the business.
    Thanks for everything, Jerry! Take care and good luck with your business!!
    I will be in touch!!
    Julie B.

    • Hi Julie Beach! I am glad I was able to help you. If you have any other questions, give me a shout and I will do my best to answer it.
      Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm about my bolg with others. I think a lot of people don’t think about this business niche that most anyone can start.
      Talk soon!

  • Elyse

    Hi Jerry, I run a wall decal shop on Etsy. My question is how much do you spend for your daily allowance and do you use Etsy’s automotive bid system? I am unclear on what to set my daily budget at. I would appreciate any advise.

  • Kellie

    Do you mind sharing where you get the roll of masking tape and what exactly it’s called (clear, regular or what)?

  • Joseph Molina

    Hi Jerry! First off I want to thank you for your contribution to this community. I came across your blog on a random google search. “How to create a successful decal business”. I really like how you break down information and how your blog is set up. I’ve gone through most of your blog posts and plan on re-reading everything as they are gold nuggets to getting started. My question to you is… How do we view your videos on this page? It says its “Private”. I don’t know how to “un-private” your videos.

    Again, Thank you so much. Most people I’ve come across regarding business in general keep their information so guarded and are so vague about starting or even trying to be successful. Your blog is completely the opposite. Thanks for sharing!

  • dvillas1000

    hi Jerry, i found your blog today and have been reading every moment i can. i have tried to watch the videos but they appear to be private, is there a particualr way to see them?

    please advise,

    thanks for the great info,


  • Albert Cross

    Great, thanks!