How to Estimate Price on Your Vinyl Signs | REFERENCE GUIDE

Vinyl Decal Price Calculator | Ultimate GuideThis has to be the trickiest question to answer.  Especially when my readers are from everywhere around the United States and from many countries around the world.

The fact is there is no one answer. However, here I will provide you with my reference guide to finding the right price for your vinyl signs and other related sign products.

Finding the Right Price Estimate for Your Vinyl Sign Products

Before you look for reference, remember:  DO NOT assume that the standard vinyl price calculator which you find online applies for everyone.  In fact, I find that some online price calculators include that somewhere in their site’s disclaimer.   Why?  Because some folks are looking to open their  vinyl shop right out of their basement, garage, or extra bedroom while others are looking to open a store front. That means a difference in overhead and thus pricing.  The best approach is to gather all the data you can reference and make up your own mind how to come up with the best price for your vinyl graphics.

Having said that, there are a few nifty online vinyl sign calculators and articles that you can use as “reference” to determine the right price for your vinyl sign graphics and designs.

Here are a few sites to peruse:

Vinyl Sign Calculators:

Vinyl Sign Price Articles and Discussions:

Vinyl Forums:

Sometimes you just want to ask someone directly.  You can do that in a vinyl forum.  Sometimes you will find people within your own state and even nearby city.  Great way to gain insight on pricing decals.  Everyone has a story to tell or a damn good reason why they price their decals the way they do.  Mostly straightforward talk.  All good people willing to share.  Or maybe the information is already posted on the forum.  You never know.

Here are some vinyl sign forums to visit:

Professional Reference:

One of the best online resources mostly used as a professional reference site for pricing your vinyl signs and other sign products is

There you will find a professional online pricing calculator which you can try for one week.  After that, you would need to pay $39 to $49 for a subscription to their magazine they send to you bi-monthly via snail mail.  I just received the last issue for January/February.  It included the SignCraft 2015 Sign Pricing Guide hard copy adhered inside the magazine.  They have awesome articles to read and it is just a great resource.  And now with the Sign Pricing Guide available to you online, you may want to look into maybe subscribing to it yourself.  Check out the site!

Hope this article helps you find the right price for vinyl signs.  Let me know what you think about this article!  Write a comment below!

Happy Reading!


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  • Meredith

    I love your self made vinyl calculator. It may be written somewhere else, and I apologize if it is. But, is there a specific formula that you used to make it? If I understand, you like the w+h/2 method, but it doesn’t come out to the total of the simple design. I find those prices quite reasonable and I’m worried that if I don’t have access to this site, I won’t be able to calculate for myself.