How Much Did I Sell This Past 7 Days?

A Week In Wall Decal SalesI made a decent amount of sales this past week.  Decent for me, at least.  I wanted to share this with you to tie it into the post I wrote last week regarding “My Part-Time Passive Income Home-Based Business“.  In that post I described what a week in my part-time passive business could look like in any given week.

Luckily, I had a pretty decent week of sales for my shop and I hardly felt a thing, in terms of time spent on my wall decal business.  In other words, part-time passive income.  Maybe I could call it, “Part-time, Passive, Painless Income”, but why stretch it.  Check it out…

My Week In Wall Decal Sales:

Monday, September 2:
My week started off with a bang, I made 3 sales.  I sold a cowboy riding a bronco ($18), a name surrounded by stars ($18), and a figure skater ($18). I made $54 dollars for the 3 decals.  I took care of this order when I got home that day and shipped them the next day on Tuesday.  Of course, the customer pays a set price for shipping  ($4.25 for First Class in the US) aside of the price for the decal.

Tuesday, September 3:

Another decent day. I sold 2 wall decals today.  One was the same cowboy riding a bronco ($18) and the other a soccer player with a custom name ($18).  I made $36 dollars on this day.  I made these 2 orders on Wednesday and ready to ship for Thursday.

Wednesday, September 4:

I sold nothing.  Moving on…

Thursday, September 5:

I sold a “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU” wall decal for $20.  I left this to be made for the weekend.

Friday, September 6:

I sold a set of 140 wall decal polka dots in 4 colors for a sale price of $26 dollars. Again, I decided to leave this to be made for the weekend.

Saturday, September 7:

I sold a 2-color rocket ship for $20 dollars.  I had already accumulated 3 to get done this weekend, I decided to wait to see what else I sell and make them all on Sunday.

Sunday, September, 8:

I made 2 more sales!!  One of them a set of 10 clouds for $32 dollars and the other a set of 65 wall flowers for $16 dollars.  That’s $48 dollars I made just today – The wall flowers I sold while writing this posting!!

This make 5 decals I have to make before I call it quits for today, Sunday.  I should get started on them now… and I will.  After all, that’s half my sales that I have to catch up with.

But I did want to leave you with a look at my shop stats for the past 7 days as described above. I made $206 dollars this week in wall decal sales.  Again, the customer pays for the cost of shipping, which is not included in the stats shown below.

And keep in mind I had no communication this week with customers to make those sales.  These sales were made without even having to tend to my etsy store… at all!

Click on thumbnail below to enlarge stats chart.

Etsy Shop Stats sample


45 Minutes later:
I was able to finish 4 out of the 5 remaining decals for this week.  The only one I was not able to complete was the 140 polka dots in 4 colors.  Unfortunately, the customer forgot to include their choice of colors when they ordered. I already contacted them via Etsy Convo.  I will have to leave these to be made for tomorrow or whenever the customer replies with their choice of colors.

This is what the completed decals look like ready to be secured in shipping tubes…

Vinyl Decals Freshly Made


I think I will get these orders ready for shipping – which should take me about 10 minutes to do – so I do not have to hurry tomorrow after I get home from my full-time job to take them all to the USPS post office.  Luckily, only a few short blocks from my house.

If I get lucky I will have another nice flow of sales this coming week.  I look forward to finding out.  Wish me good luck!

Wait!  One More Sale:
I had to repost one last time to this same post.  I just made one more sale just a little while – this really has been a good week for me.  The sale consists of 2 sets of 140 polka dots.  Each set is $26 dollars for an extra total earnings of $52 dollars to these past 7 days.  Take a look at my updated Etsy stats below.

And please wish me luck, again!

Etsy Shop Stats sample 2



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  • Sophie

    Hi, it’s me again.

    wow I think I need to move to Etsy. I did put one listing up a while ago and hardly even got any views so I stuck with eBay. But the problem is my margin is just too low, I’m seeing money come in and go out again in materials and packaging.

  • Nelson

    I just wanted to say thanks so much for the helpful instruction. I recently purchased a cutter from USCutter (TC Series) and just got around to playing with it cutting decals and heat transfers. Hadn’t thought about doing wall art until I saw your videos on YouTube. Your work is wonderfully creative and I’ll soon be making a few wall decals for our grand children.

  • Paul

    So hows business nowa days?