How is My Wall Decal Business These Days?

Many of my readers ask, "How is your business doing these days".How is my wall decal business doing these days?  I get asked that a lot from curious readers.  Probably because my last post was back in September of 2013.  I also think people are curious about how long a small online business like mine can  last before the owner/operator decides to throw in the towel all because the business stops giving… or worse.

The quick and easy answers:  “Yes, I am still making money right out of my small wall decal shop” and “No, I do not see myself closing my shop anytime in the near or far future.   So, how much $$ am I making?

First off,  if you have read some of my earlier posts, you already know that my decal business is not my main source of income.  And I should add that if I were ever to close down my shop, I would still survive just fine without it.  I say this so that when I do tell you how much I make, you do not think of me as an impoverished online merchant living off some mere earnings that wouldn’t even cover for a monthly rental fee on a small efficiency apartment.

But, because it still makes me a profit, I just keep my shop going.  And what’s crazy is I have been so busy with so many other things that I have really put off focusing on any form of marketing on Etsy or even promoting on my Sunshine Decals Facebook page.  I just let things ride for a while to see how it all would hold up.  Sales did slow down a bit, but I still made money.  And with just a couple of hours a week, an hour here an hour there,  I was making good with my customers’ orders.

How Much Money Am I Making With My Wall Decal Business?

Okay.  So here are the numbers below.  This is 1-year of sales to date.  Now, regarding what I said about doing nothing about my Etsy shop, I did occasionally  post my oldest designs in my Etsy shop (plus some of my more popular designs) to bring them up to the top of the search pages on Etsy in order to attract potential buyers.

But, this was done in a one, two, three.  For example, if I were already online or working on some orders, I would quickly  logon to Etsy and visit my last page in my Etsy Listings Manager and repost most of the page (about 40 items), without much thought and then quickly add a couple more for good luck.  I was done in a jiffy!   I would spend about $8 bucks every time during that mindless 30 seconds of reposting my oldest listings.  But, It seemed to work any time I saw my sales plunder in any given 2-3 week period.  It just kind of worked, but at a cost, I have to say.  But, it always paid back.

So, I’m just going to give it to you… Gross.  So you have to account for Etsy listing and sales fees, PayPal fees and cost of materials (i.e. vinyl, masking tape).  Nowadays, shipping & handling pays for itself (Note: Shipping fees paid by customers are not included in the Shop Stats below), plus I make about an extra $1 buck which helps cover for part of the cost of materials.  So, mostly Etsy and PayPal fees is where my money goes and some on material. Divide all this by 12 months and you get an idea of my average monthly profits.

Here ’tis… A look at one year to date.  Click the thumbnail below…

How Much Did I Make in the past 12 months?If you have any questions regarding the wall decal business, you can e-mail me at: or you can ask me a question using the “Leave A Reply” comment box below.


Hope you liked this article.  Much success to you!!


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