Getting Started as an Etsy Shop Owner

Sunshine Decals on the WebI started my Sunshine Decals Etsy shop on October of 2010, just over a year ago from this writing.  It was my next door neighbor and best buddy, Willy, who told me about the market website.

At the time I was considering how to sell wall decals online.  I had some experience selling drop-shipped items on Ebay at one time.  Ebay was all I knew, but I did not like the idea of auctioning my hand-made wall decals.  That’s when Willy told me about Etsy.  I almost did not visit the site.  Willy likes to talk and share a lot of stuff with me all the time and I thought this was just another not-exactly-what-I-was-looking-for kind of thing for me to look at, at his request.

I don’t know why I actually took a look, but I did.  I couldn’t believe it… I found my market place!  I never heard of Etsy before.  In fact, I ask people around me all the time if they have heard of Etsy, and most look at me with a confused look on their face because they didn’t understand what I just said.  This was the perfect format to sell my hand-made items.   That’s what Etsy is all about: a market place to sell your hand-made items, vintage stuff, and craft supplies and such. That’s it.  There are no commercial items allowed for sale, you won’t find drop-shippers selling for other companies, no starting bid prices, and my items are listed for months at a time without a store fee.  The only fees I have to pay on Etsy are 20 cents listing fees, a very fair “when an item sells” fees, and of course, Paypal.

As of today I have sold 468 custom wall decals, I have acquired 216 admirers, and my feedback score remains 100% with 113 feedbacks so far.  I have sold my decals to folks in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and of course, all around the USA.  What’s great about this, from my observations,  is that Etsy seems to be growing.  There seems to be more stores all the time, my competition is still growing,  and I am still making sales!  It looks to me that there is still so much room to grow on Etsy and although my stats above are not breaking any records, within Etsy, the numbers are really not too bad.  And I do not feel like I am a million miles away from my competitors (which is short for “My fellow Etsy shop owners).  My competitors can’t be too old on Etsy either because Etsy hasn’t been around too long. I believe Etsy started in 2005. I feel I’m getting in the game early enough with Etsy.

What I am most happy about is that I finally have my online store up and running.  And it feels like a store – customer orders come in, I create their custom design, I package, I ship the orders and I’m ready for the next order.  It is something I have been looking to do for such a long time and I finally put it all together.  I’m having fun making my designs for folks to appreciate and enjoy and I am making a little extra part-time income from home.  Not bad at all

I plan to tell more about my experiences with selling on Etsy right on this blog.  I invite you to come back and follow me as I open my studio doors and give you a look inside the inner workings of my wall decal shop.  Stay tuned.


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