From Raster to Vector to Wall Vinyl Decal

When I first discovered how to convert  a downloaded graphic from the internet into a vector graphic on Adobe Illustrator using the  Live Trace tool, I went hog wild.  I downloaded everything I thought could be turned into a vector file.  In most cases, the file was cutter-ready with not much effort.

To be honest, using the Live Trace tool is limited in that you do not always get exactly what you want.  For the experienced Illustrator graphics designer, this may not big a big deal as they can tweak here and curve there until they get a cleaner and nicer product.  But that does not have to stop us life hacks.

Here are a few examples of images I downloaded from the internet and converted to vector in a one, two, three…

Vector Collection


Of course, it does not take an expert graphics designer to make these vectors in the manner that I did.  I’m sure they can do a whole lot better.  But, for us non-graphics designers who want to make all kinds of designs without being limited by experience or skills, this is an option to get you started.

In any case, I decided to make a video on how I convert raster to vector and eventually to a wall vinyl decal design.  Mostly, I use the Options in the Live Trace Tool until I get as pleasing as an effect as I can.

Enjoy this video…


  • Michelle

    Hi Jerry,
    I stumbled across your site when searching for USA manufactures of wall decals / borders. We are looking for a full service manufacture in the USA that will print our original artwork decals and package them with a private label. Anyhow I’m not having much luck in finding what I’m looking for so thought I’d ask. 🙂

    I realize this may be out of your scope but thanks in advance for your time! You have some really cute stuff in your Etsy store.

    • Richard

      Hello Michelle,

      I own a small business that prints wall decals / borders. I can print your artwork and also package/ship them under a private label for you. If you’ll like to discuss more about how we can do business together, please feel free to contact me at