From Etsy to My Own E-commerce Website | Selling Vinyl Decals

For a short time now, I have been working on my own ecommerce website.  This has been something I have been thinking of doing for some time now.  I finally got started on this natural progression from having my Sunshine Decals Etsy shop to opening my own ecommerce website.

It is not complete.  I just started working on it.  At first I was focusing more on design and shopping cart features.  I did so to make sure I was getting everything I want from an ecommerce solution for my store.  So far, so good.

Currently,  I am adding products to the shopping cart catalog.  But the site is not active.  Once I put in the final touches, I will make it live.

Once I have it up and running, I will share more details about my choice for this shopping cart, whether good, bad, or in between.

But right now, I just want to show it off a bit. So far I love the design and I hope it looks welcoming enough to customers.

Here’s the home page to …

vinyl decal business ecommerce shopping cart solutionAs you can see I already created my logo.  I think I like this one.  I am going to see how I incorporate it into my Etsy shop.  I also created the large image you see on the screen.  That’s actually a slideshow.  I can add more photos and choose the number of seconds before it transitions into the next slide.  But that’s all design.

As to functionality…

Sunshine_Decals_shopping_cartBefore adding items to the catalog. I worked on making sure I was getting what I wanted from the shopping cart item selection features.  For example, adding choice of color or size and making sure you can choose more than one color for different parts of the decal.

Once I add quite a few more items to my cart, I might take it for a test run to see how well the whole process of making a purchase from the customer side and receiving an order from my side work.  I also want to see how well the shipping features work once I give it a run.  But that’s later.

For now I just wanted to see what you thought about my design… caters mostly to interior wall vinyl designs for children’s room, bedrooms, nurseries, family rooms and so on.  So I chose a pleasant design where my decals would look like they belong.

So, how do you like the design for my ecommerce website?
Let me know in the comments below or you can e-mail me at:



  • Lu

    I have been following your videos for quite some time–thank you for all your help.

    I think your site is looking good. Kudos for getting it up at all–that is not an easy task–I know, I have been working on mine forever– Can’t wait to see it when you are finished.

    Much success and lots of sales!!

    • Thanks so much, Lu. I will continue to do my best with my instructional videos.
      Thanks for the good word!

  • Javier Fontanella

    Hi Jerry, my best wishes in your new effort. I’ve been following your videos since… forever 😉 and I really thank you for sharing insights for all of us out there to learn and improve. OK, what I suggest for your website is bit more of contrast. I like your color strategy but try “to play” with a bit more of contrast to “differentiate” the areas in your pages. I’m referring for example to the background, maybe a 10% increase in red for the yellow and the same for the blue will help, and also will give even more life to the overall spirit of your page.

    • Hi Javier. I happy to hear you have enjoyed my videos. As for my page color, if you don’t mind, I am going to e-mail you. I have to ask you how I would go about changing the color with my background graphic.

      I really appreciate your advice. I plan to test it. Talk soon!

  • Dave – PC Network Guys

    Jerry, keep up the good work ! I have been following you for a few years… I actually purchased a GX 24 with the hopes of making money with it… Well needless to say, I made some decals for my computer shop, and the GX then sat un-touch… The good thing, I picked it up for 900 off ebay, and sold it for 1200… Move forward to this past summer.. I was on craigslist looking @ computer parts, I came across a GX 24, like BRAND NEW !! came with a few rolls of vinyl… 700 bucks !! So I tucked it aside in my shop.. I now own the GX 24, 2 3D printers that I built (reprap mendelmax)…. And I’m putting together a ShapeOko 2 CNC machine …. With all the cool machines I have, I need to move out of “hobby” and into a business … Just not sure what to make.. But needless to say, I have come back to your site more than once… I really like your lessons and graphic talent… You have a well put together etsy shop, along with your willingness to share your business insight is awesome !! Once again THANKS !!

    • Hi Dave. Thanks for the good word. I am looking into the Shapeoko. Pretty cool and inexpensive. Hey good luck and if you ever have any questions, feel free to post them here or e-mail me at

      • Dave

        Jerry, thanks !! The shapeoko is a real cool machine.. Im building the bigger version 1000mm x 1000mm .. so my cutting area is roughly 36″x40″ ish .. I have pretty much built my own little hackerspace.. with my 3D printers, GX24 & CNC … LOL

  • Lori Jones

    Hi Jerry, I just love the way your Etsy site looks. Where did you find your templates of the rooms you used for your images?

    • Hi Lori. I purchased them all from

      I know. i love my shop.


  • David

    Jerry, I only recently found your videos. I appreciate the raving these comments have been toward them. I’d like to see them all. I don’t know how to find them all, but I’ll try. I just ordered my vinyl cutter and expect delivery after Thanksgiving. I’m excited to give it a try and see what kind of little business I can create. I really appreciate your help and insight. Many thanks. David.

  • Lais

    Jerry, May GOD bless you. Lot of info provided to us selflessly.