Car Window Decal Sellers -How About This Idea?

I get promotional email from My Vinyl Designer:

I always check out what they have to offer anytime I do receive email from them.  That’s because sometimes I get a good idea for my wall decal shop.  In this case I’m sharing what I think might be a good idea for auto decal dealers.   They are having a Stick Figure Family sale.

But making small stick figures is not what I am about – Quite tedious for a person like me.  So, checkout the last set of stick figures families on the graphic below then read on…


I like to sell big stickers as apposed to small car window stickers.  But this set here can be used for larger window stickers, ready-made for newlyweds and wedding coordinators. For example the “Just Married” scripts and the wedding sports car can be made as large wedding decals for the car or limo window.  Even the headless bride and groom silhouettes can be made large enough to fill a back window with picture cutouts of the bride and groom’s face sitting on top- Now, that’s an idea… Cha-Ching!  Maybe?

Anyways, thought I would share! 😎

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