Apple Helps Boost Vinyl Sticker Sales

Make money with MacBook and Laptop vinyl stickers.

I came across this Apple TV ad video on YouTube demonstrating how MacBook Air users dress-up their MacBook with vinyl stickers that express their individuality. It’s a form of “Different strokes for different folks”, but with one common denominator – They LOVE their MacBook. Check it out..

After watching this video, I decided to do a little informal research on Etsy to see if I can find proof of the impact this little commercial has had on the vinyl decal sticker business.  Now, this video was posted to YouTube on July 22nd, 2014.  What I found was pretty interesting…

MacBook Vinyl Sticker Market Research

I started off my research by searching for Etsy shops that sold only decals for laptops, preferably for the MacBook.  I mostly used search terms like “MacBook Stickers” and “MacBook Decals”.  I quickly found shops that matched my criteria.   I did some snooping around and took a look at their sales a few weeks before this video came out on YouTube, July 22nd.

I found a similar trend with a handful of shops that I visited.  Sales of MacBook/Laptop stickers increased about a week after the video aired (on Youtube) for many laptop sticker shops.

The other interesting thing that I gathered was that many of these shops are generally doing well overall with their sales of stickers for laptops.  I say this because I recall it taking me and my shop about 6 days before I saw my first sale.  After that, sales slowly but surely increased.  And this was a time when you can search Etsy for “Wall Decals” and come up with about 35,000 listings results.  As of this posting, you type in that same search term and you get just over 195,000 listings results.  Competition has increased quite a bit since I started selling on Etsy almost 4 years ago.

But check this out.  I found shops that recently opened and they only specialize on MacBook/Laptop/mobile device stickers. And they are doing very well for a small startup.

I demonstrate all this and much more in the video below…


  • Bradley T.

    So where are all these sellers getting their images? I find it hard to believe they are designing them all themselves.

  • Bradley T.

    Another observation, those people are using other copyrighted images ie Batman possibly Breaking Bad. So on and so forth. How is that allowed?